Our client Boston Scientific’s total focus is about improving people’s health – transforming lives every day through their innovative medical solutions.

Of course, with such powerful innovation, it’s crucial that these products are snapped up and their benefits seen across the world – changing the lives of those who really need them.

So, when they were looking for a partner to help them improve the skills of their fantastic team of marketers, and then to help them in internal marketing of the subsequent programme and with other work – we were keen to help.

We may have only worked with Boston Scientific for a relatively short time (at least short for Coussins Associates), but in that time, we’ve dipped into almost every area of our skillset. Delivering marketing strategy, segmentation, positioning, operational marketing and a major learning and development programme across various Boston Scientific divisions. Working together on every project right through from start to finish – guess we can’t be too painful to work with, right?

Brought in to develop and deliver a major Learning and Development programme to Boston Scientific’s marketing team, we worked with the skills and development team to create Marketing for Success – Core. A major blended learning programme that is built around 7 modules.

We also then developed and implemented the marketing communications programme to sell this in.

This was closely followed by a separate internal marketing project relating to their Customer Relationship Management System.

Learning and Development

Marketing for Success – Core

A blend of self-paced e-learning, virtual classrooms and in-person workshops to give Boston Scientific marketers a comprehensive understanding of strategic and tactical core marketing principles, processes, practices and tools as well as a common marketing language.

Starting with a clean sheet, we built the entire programme, including e-learning, video elements, in-person workshops and virtual classroom content.

Operational Marketing

Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud is Boston Scientific’s Customer Relationship Management System.

Working with the implementation team, we were asked to create a full communications plan to support company-wide adoption of this key tool across Europe.

We conducted extensive research including a series of interviews to inform the development of a full communications plan based on our findings complete with positioning statements, value proposition and a full plan for adoption.

During the implementation phase of this project we have successfully produced Newsletters, Templates, Graphic Devices, Video Scripts, Messaging Documents, Presentations, Guides and more.


Our Boston Scientific portfolio is one of our broadest.


Design pieces


E-learning modules completed, with 30 currently in development


In-person workshops, across 3 Cohorts, since starting the programme in 2016