Chances are if you’ve bought a ticket, boarded an aircraft, booked a hotel or even hired a car – Amadeus are behind the technology that helped make that happen. Pretty amazing, right?

As a leading provider of advanced technology solutions for the global travel industry, they’re busy people to say the least, with huge amounts of their learning done while they work. Of course, we believe ‘on the job’ is probably the best way to learn, but it can mean things occasionally slip through the net – so to speak.

The HR and Learning & Development teams identified this issue and wanted some help filling in any gaps for their marketing and sales teams right across the world.

So, they looked around and picked us to provide some organised and structured programmes to help them in achieving just that.

At first, that meant a core marketing, learning and development programme – for roll out with operating businesses around the world.

It’s been almost a decade and a half since then, and this programme is now just one of many that we’ve produced and delivered in a whole range of glamorous locations (not why we took the job, honest!).

In that time, we’ve learnt an awful lot about how their complex industry works, and about their (equally complex) company, products and solutions too.

Currently we provide L & D programmes that include:

Marketing for Product Managers

This 5-and-a-half-day programme, for product managers across the business, covers strategic and tactical marketing including topics that deal with market understanding, product development, product launch management and product life-cycle management.

Marketing Essentials

A workshop for those who need to understand marketing rather than practice it, it strips things back to basics.

The Value of Customer Service

An internal e-learning programme to help customer service staff understand the value of what they provide to their internal and external customers.

Competitive Intelligence

This workshop looks at the frameworks, processes and requirements of competitive intelligence.

Digital Marketing

A 3-day workshop covering the key objectives, benefit ts and differences between all key digital marketing channels and how they work in relation to the buyer journey.

Account Retention and Development

This course combines a series of webinars, exercises and workshops for sales and account managers across the business so participants to work with an account in a commercial context, helping them to understand their business issues, to implement change and provide trusted and valued advice.


Head over to our learning and development page for more information on some of the courses we offer.


Workshops delivered and 3000+ people trained


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