Brammer Buck & Hickman (BBH) are one of the UK’s leading single sources of industrial supplies. Where their customers have been able to rely on them to keep their businesses moving, BBH have been able to rely on us for all of their marketing needs.

Due to having a relatively small internal marketing team, Brammer Buck & Hickman needed the external support of a highly experienced, multi-skilled, multi-level resource.  That’s where we come in, allowing BBH to depend on us during their busier periods and larger projects – benefiting from all the benefits of our experience without the costs associated with having a larger in-house team.

As one of our longest running clients, BBH have been able to depend on us time and time again for support across a wide range of areas within the marketing mix.

Marketing Communications

Working with BBH, we’ve handled a wide variety of marketing communications for numerous different projects including acquisitions, transition communications, corporate communications, brand communications, and a multitude of different internal and external communications and announcements.


Brexit campaign

During a time when a no-deal Brexit was seeming increasingly likely, BBH wanted to ensure that their customers had the latest information available to them to minimise the disruption to their business. They called on us to prepare emailers, a whitepaper, press releases, sales staff briefing documents, and other communications materials to make sure their customers were informed and prepared for any eventuality.


BBH have been able to enjoy the full breadth of our experience and expertise in areas such as internal corporate strategy, strategy conferences and events and communication of strategy to employees.



We’ve helped with design and branding when Brammer Buck & Hickman have needed somebody who knows how to support strong and consistent branding with marketing collateral, graphics, icons and more!


Brammer Buck & Hickman Website

With the launch of a new Brammer Buck & Hickman UK website, we were asked to rewrite the copy from top to bottom. What we did with this? Well, visit them here to see.


Annual Conference

The annual Brammer Buck & Hickman Conference brings together over 150 senior managers to review the previous year and lay out plans for the future. We’ve previously helped BBH by building this event from the ground up – planning, content creation, presentation design, coaching, filming, directing, technical management, delegate management and post-event analysis – just about everything you can think of and everything you can’t! And what’s more – we’ve done it 10 times.


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Corporate and educational videos.


Years in a row that we’ve helped with their annual conference.