As one of the world’s leading international private equity firms, Cinven use their expertise to acquire companies and help them grow.

One of Cinven’s key priorities is transparency for its ‘Limited Partner’ investors; always keeping them fully informed. Their annual Limited Partners’ Meeting is a huge part of this, gives them a the chance to fill their investors in on the progress of their investments, key trends and developments and their strategies for growing the value of the funds.

It’s an event which must be run with the utmost professionalism from start to finish.

That’s where we come in. We were first called in to help with this key part of the Cinven calendar way back in 2007. Since then we’ve managed the event every year without fail, organising the technical production from start to finish.

With such a long running and successful relationship, it’s fair to say that our work with Cinven is something that we’re incredibly proud of.


So what exactly does this entail for us?


Pre-Event Planning

Venue liaison for the technical elements, presentation production, rehearsals, agendas, technical scripts, management of all technical supply, recording the event and producing the post event video, and pretty much everything else relating to staging which goes into setting up for an event like this!


Video / Filming

The video work is all about filming the whole event from start to finish, providing live streaming / image mag on the stage screens as well as video of all the presentations synchronised with those presentations, uploaded onto their extranet once the event is over.


At Event Direction

When the event comes around, we’re the guys making sure everything runs as smoothly as it can. From the presentations, sound and video through to the stage plans, directions and seating – we handle it all.


Head over to our portfolio page to view some of the events we’ve been a part of, or see below for some of our Cinven statistics.




Corporate Videos and Extranet Films