Coachwise enable individuals and organisations to engage with sport and physical activity programmes.  They offer learning through online courses, resources for PE teachers, education for young adults and leisure management accredited qualifications.

Bringing their services and training to life is key in highlighting the value they add to coaches and organisations across the nation. That’s where we come in.

We’ve worked with Coachwise for a number of years – producing videos to support their resources and with over 30 case studies – interviews with coaches who’ve attended courses – emphasising what they’ve gained and how it’s improved their coaching.


afPE (Association for Physical Education)

What is it they say about never working with children..? Fortunately for us, all the school children we worked with to produce these videos were lovely! Over 11 sessions we visited eight schools and filmed over 400 children for a series of instructional videos on various sporting topics – such as athletics, invasion games and gymnastics.  The children played their way through over 60 activities to help us create the video resources for PE teachers.

Connected Coaches

Focusing on physical drills and emotional intelligence, this series of videos are aimed at improving coaches’ skills and we brought them to life with motion graphics to highlight key points, reinforce important messages and keep the viewer’s attention throughout the video.


Head over to our portfolio page to take a look at some of the videos we’ve created.


Coaches Interviewed


YouTube Views for Connected Coaches


Children Filmed for the afPE Awards