Enterprise Ireland help Irish businesses to grow. They’re the Irish Government’s department responsible for supporting Irish businesses in relation to business growth and innovation and export development.

With a lot of uncertainty ahead as the Brexit deals are negotiated (we’re really hoping we can still get our hands on Irish butter!), and with the UK being Ireland’s largest export market by far, Enterprise Ireland were looking for support for Irish businesses in the aftermath of the Brexit vote, as well as more general marketing skills development for their business advisers.

Working with one of their key teams we developed a programme to support their business advisers and enable small businesses to cope with the changing market place.


Market Selection and Prioritisation Seminar

This was to support the skills of Enterprise Ireland’s business advisers, based at their embassies around the world (unfortunately we didn’t get to go on a long trip to tour them all – they all came to Dublin!).

The goal here was enabling them to support companies wanting to select their export markets and define their key segments and propositions. We developed the tool kit and delivered a seminar to show the advisers how to apply the tools.


Brexit Video

We produced, filmed and edited a series of three videos to help Irish businesses deal with the immediate impact of Brexit and respond proactively.


Small Business Export Workshop

We designed, developed and delivered a small business export marketing workshop to help Irish businesses prioritise and identify their key markets. We also provided post-workshop coaching sessions for individual businesses.


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