The European Power Transmission Distributors Association (EPTDA) has a membership who distribute the products that keep the manufacturing plants of Europe up and running. So, if you’re after bearings, belts, pneumatics or hydraulics or pretty much anything else for your production line, their members will be able to help you or know someone who can. The EPTDA are like the Godfather of the industrial distribution world – but much friendlier.

Not only do they have a pretty hefty contact book of members, but those members deliver to a vast number of manufacturing production plants across Europe – from food & beverage to automotive and power generation.

EPTDA sets out to help its members capitalise on current and future trends, build stronger relationships with customers and know how to look out for new opportunities. So in 2015 EPTDA’s Know Your Market Committee (KYMC) developed the idea of providing members with detailed intelligence in specific industry segments.

Working with our partners in e=t2i, we have produced and printed two reports on different industries. The first was  the soft drinks industry in 2016, and the second the confectionery industry (the production of sweets and chocolate) in 2017 – I know, we got pretty excited at that one too!


Market and Production Line Intelligence (PLI) Report

As a member-only benefit for EPTDA members, it was crucial that these reports were packed with eye-catching information on the local European markets and production process as well as highlighting new business opportunities and the value of key maintenance projects. Projects they could help with.

Although we never quite got to eat any sweets or chocolate in the name of market research, we sure did get to show off our expertise in gathering desk research and our design and copy-writing skills, from the presentation of information throughout the reports to the easy-to-read stats and analysis.

A core part of the report is the identification of opportunities along the production line for EPTDA members. This meant gathering and interpreting information from technical experts in the industry and designing graphical elements that would be easily understood by any of the companies from the 34 countries that make up EPTDA membership.


Voice of the Customer – End User Video

To support the launch of the first PLI report on Soft Drinks at the EPTDA Annual Convention, we were asked to put together an end user video, because – well – what better way to get the voice of customer (VOC) into the conference room?

We met, spoke with and filmed customers – focusing on their MRO requirements and what they look for in a supplier. We then turned these interviews into an easily digestible video for EPTDA members to hear the VOC for themselves.



For the second report on the Confectionery industry, we decided to do something slightly different and created an animation showcasing the Production Line Intelligence Programme, the benefits to EPTDA members and what future industries the KYMC plan to cover. This was showcased at the 20th EPTDA Annual Convention in Rome.


For a small teaser of these exclusive reports, you can check them out on our portfolio page, where you can also learn more about our copy-writing, design and video skills.


Printed copies


PLI reports


PLI reports currently in the pipeline between 2017 and 2021