Chances are Fields in Trust have protected a field near you, with a total of 2,608 protected sites across the UK. Founded all the way back in 1925 by King George V, their mission is the same now as it was then – to make sure anyone and everyone, no matter what their circumstance, have access to free, local outdoor space for sport, play and recreation.

Back in 2012, Fields in Trust were after an Awards ceremony to reflect their purpose and values, one which would both reward and recognise key organisations and volunteers and impress present and future stakeholders. That’s where we came in.

Intent on designing a set unique to Fields in Trust we created a park on the stage, complete with grass, a bench, a tree and even passing clouds! Using innovative techniques – lighting, video, music, props – we created an event which remains a firm fixture in the Fields in Trust calendar today.

As with any event, a lot of work goes into its success and ensuring that it runs without any hiccups.


Pre-Event Planning

Prior to the event is when we do the main bulk of our work and this is when we plan, plan and you guessed it, plan some more! Props, staging, technical staff, presentations, certificates, music, seating – it’s all planned out.


At-Event Coordination

On the day of the event all this preparation comes into play. We oversee the building of the set and seating, stage management, event direction, photography and filming – all the while ensuring that everything runs as smoothly as possible!


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Feet of Ivy per Event