The Klöckner Pentaplast Group is a global leader in rigid and flexible packaging, printing and specialty solutions, serving the pharmaceutical, medical device, food, beverage and card markets, among others.

Through the acquisition of LINPAC kp expanded its capabilities acquiring a global player in the evolution of fresh food packaging.  So, chances are, your fridge and kp have met on more than one occasion – and so have you – even if you did fling them into the recycling afterwards!

With KP’s acquisition of LINPAC, there were naturally a lot of questions within the company and some confusion surrounding what this acquisition would actually mean for them. We were asked to develop a video so their CEO could clear up a few of these questions and offer some reassurance (as well as some excitement!).

A month later – and they must have been happy with the results – as we were called in again to help some more! This time for a video to showcase their new innovation centre in sunny Barcelona. Of course, how could we ever say no to that one?!

CEO Acquisition Video

We produced and shot the video against a green screen using two cameras and an autocue, and then because we really wanted viewers to fully engage, we brought the piece to life in post-production.

Using a range of motion graphics and some images along the way, we were able to produce a powerful and informative piece of film which the senior management team loved. And we subtitled it in 8 languages. And all in less than 10 days too!

Video Showcase for the Barcelona Innovation Centre

This was a video created ahead of their opening, to provide a showreel for use in the centre and on their website – as well as by sales teams as a part of their presentations about the organisation.

Using hidden interviewer style, we constructed a narrative story – using actual KPL key managers to tell the details of what they do at the centre, how they do it and the value and benefits that their work brings to their customers. Using a range of illustrative cutaways and graphics in post-production, we then really upped the impact of the video.

See the results on their website here, or click here to view our full video and film portfolio.


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Interviews filmed


Final Videos


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