Established in the early 1990s, Mortgage Introducer is one of the original and leading publications for the mortgage intermediary industry consisting of websites, printed magazines and supplements. These collectively cover all aspects of the mortgage industry for those involved in providing mortgage advice, including buy-to-let and commercial lending, sub prime lending broker forums and award events.

Although they have consistently provided a wealth of valuable information to mortgage professionals for decades, they wanted to gather new information about their registered readers and their advertisers before making important decisions about their future content plans. So they turned to us when they needed somebody to help them conduct this important market research. They knew they could rely on our experience and thorough approach to research in order to get the most insight into their customer base.

We started by conducting research workshops where we worked with them to get to the core of the insights they needed and then devised a project approach that would reflect that and meet their specific criteria. Beginning with a wide focus, we took the question areas we had workshopped with them and carefully crafted the ideal questionnaire in SNAP (our go-to survey software with extremely powerful analysis tools) for the quantitative element of the project.

With the results of the quantitative work at our hands, we then analysed and identified areas and insights about what the respondents liked about the content provided and where they would like to see improvements.


  • We then moved to a qualitative approach, reaching out and conducting telephone interviews with advertisers to also find out their point of view, making it possible to find a balance between the interests of their two most important stakeholders.
  • To ensure that we had equally rich qualitative data from the readers, we planned, recruited for, and facilitated an in-depth focus group in London to get their perspective and detailed feedback on new features and designs for all of Mortgage Introducer’s channels.
  • Finally, we compiled, analysed, and presented our findings to the client team in a workshop, providing them with as much insight as possible in relation to their further value proposition development in order to make their next move!


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Cross-tabs from the survey, including by age, gender, percentage business placed and annual mortgage value.

Over 100

Survey responses.

Over 30

Respondents used for qualitative data.