Tackle Africa is one of the most exciting charities out there. Their goal is to reduce the incidence of AIDS infections and FGM by providing essential Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) information and services to young people via village, town and city recreational football pitches across the continent.
They do this by training local football coaches and community leaders to use interactive football sessions to teach important lessons about sexual health. Along with getting vital health education during football coaching sessions, players can also access specific related health services at sessions and football tournaments, such as HIV testing, contraception, and referrals to further clinical services.

Ensuring your branding is consistent across multiple continents when differing resources and capabilities are involved is no easy task! Tackle Africa needed our experience and knowledge of maintaining a brand to help them score big on branding. Without a set of brand guidelines for their team, the Tackle Africa brand risked dilution of impact through being portrayed in many different ways. Tackle Africa came to us with their logo and some colour references and asked us to create a comprehensive set of guidelines that could be used by any member of their team.

Working from the ground up, we made sure Tackle Africa had access to all the tools they needed to ensure consistent branding wherever they are in the world. We did this by creating templates, style sheets, and brand guidelines that were simple, easy and accessible to use.

They also needed a way to conduct standardized training for all of their staff, so we helped them remotely film and edit workshops that could be used for consistent learning and development. Talk about a long-distance assist!

With our help they were able to overcome difficulties they faced previously and see that their brand guidelines, templates and staff training were rolled out successfully.


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Easy to use set of brand guidelines to standardise the Tackle Africa brand, whether for print or digital.


Miles between us and Wengen, Switzerland – where we remotely filmed the chairman of the charity before editing the final version of the training videos for Tackle Africa local African training workshops.