Technological University Dublin – or TUD as it’s more commonly known – is Ireland’s largest higher education technological institute and a part of the University of Dublin campus.
They run the International Selling Programme for Enterprise Ireland, which supports small businesses to successfully produce and implement a professional marketing and sales plan in order to sell and export more effectively.

They were looking for a new partner to run their Market Validation, Market Intelligence and Competitive Intelligence module, and after reviewing our programme which was an element they recognised as needing more adaptation to their participants specific needs.

We worked with TUD to create a Competitive Intelligence and Market Intelligence module which was specifically tailored to their participants.

We devised, reviewed and revised until they had a module that they were 100% happy with – complete with a special market prioritisation matrix, developed specifically for TUD participant use.


So, what does the module cover? Well, to break it down, we developed tailored content the covered elements such as:

  • Market prioritisation and selection
  • Defining intelligence needs
  • Collecting and evaluating data
  • Competitive intelligence in market selection
  • Analysing data and turning it into intelligence
  • Action planning – using the intelligence in their international sales plan – Getting all this information and putting it together into one, carefully thought out plan.

And we deliver all of this for them every year in Dublin.


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