WANO are all about nuclear safety, and encouraging a collaborative approach to nuclear safety among nuclear power plants across the globe.
Safer plants mean safer environments for all, but especially workers. And a safer environment? Well, that’s something which is pretty easy to get behind!

So when they came to us asking for support across a range of marketing services, we provided them with the scalable resource they needed.

Due to highly confidential information combined with the nature of the work being carried out, WANO opted for our onsite marketing consultant service.

This meant that one of the lovely Coussins bunch would work with them in their offices, on their system and on hand at their beck and call! Whether that be for marketing help, project updates or just to discuss what Trevor got up to at the weekend!

Stakeholder Audit

We took charge of the whole interview process – from arranging and conducting them through to transcribing them – all 44,989 words!

Working with an associate, we collated similar responses, and once they’d identified key findings and suggested solutions, prepared the final management presentations.

Inside WANO

This quarterly online publication sent out exclusively to WANO members involved us collating stories from across the business (the nuclear safety kind of stories, not the Jim’s Gran went to school with Simon Cowell’s dad kind of stories). Once these were written we would then prepared the copy ready for translation into seven different languages before uploading each one to WANO’s relevant subsite.


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