You want learning that sticks and development that works.  We deliver that time and again through our Action Learning approach.

Put simply, Action Learning is where we’ll get you together in teams of two to six colleagues, and work on a live project drawn from your own work programme throughout any blended learning or in-person workshop.

It works, because rather than case-study based training, there’s no mental gymnastics needed to try and make the learning fit to your own areas of responsibility and work programmes.

Action Learning makes your learning practical, pragmatic, real – and above all – relevant to you (because no one wants to spend a whole day dealing with the ins and outs of Arthur’s clay pigeon company). You’ll get to see how the concepts, tools and processes can be applied to YOUR work situation, and YOUR business needs.

So not only are you getting work done in the training room itself, but you’re also getting real consultancy help and input along the way.

With our Action Learning approach known to have helped a multinational corporation identify and complete a $12bn dollar acquisition, it’s money and time well spent, with real results and not just learning and development alone. Who can argue with that?!


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Our clients range from major multinational companies and public sector organisations to small local businesses – all across a wide variety of industry sectors.