In fact, the most effective learning is blended learning. That doesn’t mean we stick it all through a blender and whip up a learning and development smoothie.

It means we plan out:

what you want to achieve

what the aims and objectives are

what the subject matter is

what the high-level design looks like

and only then do we jointly decide what combination of elements work best for the programme, whether it be:



virtual classroom

in-person workshops

coaching and mentoring

It does mean you need to plan more comprehensively and you’re probably going to need a bigger budget than you’d like, but, if you want the learning to stick – and let’s face it – why on earth would you do it otherwise – then you need to invest.

According to one survey, more than half of UK companies use a blended learning approach, so it’s clearly a good way to go!

To find out how blended learning could work for you, just get in touch.

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