So what’s the method behind our teaching? Glad you asked. Well, apart from making sure it’s entertaining and stimulating, we’ll push you really hard towards the following three key principles:


1. Relevance: This is key to eliminating that dreaded Teflon Training Tendency, where learning slips into one ear, and slides straight back out the other.

Our Action Learning Project approach means participants work throughout on their own real live projects as their case studies (you can read more on what that’s all about). This means that the learning has to be relevant.

2. Reinforcement: A key principle to learning anything (how many times did you have to re-read your notes when you were swotting for exams?).

Our blended approach includes pre and post in-person workshops, e-learning and top ups, plus coaching, mentoring and a clear end point event (such as a project results presentation). All of this combines to really reinforce the messaging, and ultimately make the learning stick.

3. Stakeholder commitment: As with any learning – the involvement of sponsors is key. Any professional educationalist will tell you, the quality of your children’s learning is as much down to your involvement as a parent as it is to your children’s quality of schooling. The same applies with professional learning and development.


So we need your involvement too, and that goes beyond just giving up the cash! You’ll need internal sponsorship for the learning, and you’ll need to get those sponsors involved at each of the key points of development and delivery and again for post-workshop actions.

You need a clear and visible ‘owner’ of the programme, and that person needs to be someone senior enough for delegates to realise its importance.

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