If you want to do DIY pragmatic marketing and sales

We’ll show you how

Because we do this stuff for real, we can help you do it for yourself. After all – we’ve been showing people how to do it themselves for more than 25 years.

When it comes to learning and development (L&D) we passionately believe you should not only be having fun learning, but that you must emerge from your L&D experience knowing and retaining substantially more than when you went in.

Well duh!!

But we’re sure you know – so often that just doesn’t happen and your L&D investment is wasted.

Not with us.

We work hard with you to ensure that what you learn is not only practical but directly applicable to your daily role – no obscure pseudo academic business bull from us – which helps you work in more insightful and more effective ways.

Find out how.  Take a look at our learning and development offers in:

E-learningIn-person workshopsFully blended

And read how we make our learning and development programmes stick with our Action Learning approach, and by avoiding the dreaded Teflon Training Tendency.


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Our clients range from major multinational companies and public sector organisations to small local businesses – all across a wide variety of industry sectors.