Of course you know how to write. So that means you can write your own copy – right? Wrong!

Professional copy-writing is a particular skill. And whilst copy writers need to be literate that’s only the beginning, not the end.

You see, you can say one thing a thousand ways, but we promise, when it comes to writing something persuasive, relevant and noticeable, challengingly few ways are the right way.

The way we see it, copy is the keystone of operational marketing. Because whilst jazzy graphics might attract attention, it’s great copy fused to great graphics that makes the whole thing irresistibly persuasive and really sells your stuff.

We have over 25 years’ experience in writing compelling and persuasive sales messages that sell stuff, so whether it’s a website, script, blog, emailer, display ad, AdWords campaign, or newsletter – we know how to really reel readers in, persuade and you guessed it – sell.

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