You need video. Why? Well, video is the most sought-after form of content marketing, set to claim more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019.

Whether you want to sell your product or service, explain your company’s value proposition, capture a case study or event, or need or an internal communication – we know how to make your video work.

After all, we’ve been making videos since before YouTube even existed.

Promotional Videos

There are so many messages out there, and video can help yours cut through the noise – it’s one of the most immediate and powerful ways to communicate. With new technologies and almost total connectivity (have you checked your Instagram feed in the last 10 minutes?), video is a key element in any marketing communications programme.

If you’re after compelling, persuasive and distinctive videos to help you sell your product or services, put over your corporate point of view and speak directly and convincingly to your key target markets, customers and prospects – then we can do that. To see what our promotional video work looks like click here.

At Event Filming

We’ve been filming at events for longer than we’d like to admit (things definitely got easier with the development of the ‘talkies’!), so we’re experts at seamlessly blending into the background whilst capturing all the details of your event – ninja style.

Live feeds (called imagemag in the jargon) will add visual interest and enable the audience to clearly see the speakers.

We can also film throughout the event to create a souvenir montage that can either be played as a powerful event closer or distributed afterwards as a reminder of the occasion. Although we’d probably edit out the CFO’s attempt at karaoke in the hotel bar! Take a look at our event filming work in our show reel – here.

Educational Videos

Whether you’re looking to encourage people into finding out more about how to use your product, bring a case study to life or create a coaching video, we’ll bring them to life with clever cutaways, interesting motion graphics, engaging music and sharp illustrations. Or things that move, hum, whizz, pop, roar and shimmy – although we’re seeing a decline in shimmying these days – across the screen.

Click here to see a small selection of the 17 years of work we’ve done in this area.

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