Understanding your market is key. If you’re going to be targeting these people, you need to know everything – big and small – which could improve the way you sell your stuff to them and how much of it you sell. And you need to be able to put all this understanding together to develop your marketing strategy, anticipate key opportunities and identify or calculate any risks.

You need to know the way your market ticks! And we’ll help you do that in three key ways:


Market Drivers

Here we review seven key areas for trends that drive your customers’ changing needs and aspirations – to keep you ahead of the market: political, economic and commercial, social, technological, environmental and legal – or PESTEL to quote an acronym – sorry – we can’t help it. These drivers are what’s really impacting how they think, what they do, how they buy and why!


Competitor Intelligence

Keep your friends close and enemies closer, right? But competitive intelligence is about much more than just keeping an eye on your competitors’ moves. Through the careful (legal) collection and analysis of their information and history, we’re able to anticipate those moves so you can pre-empt them and increase your share at their expense.


Voice of Customer

We’ll conduct focus groups, interviews, surveys and social listening techniques using the methods we know work, and collate the findings to present you with the true voice of your customers and prospects. So you’ll develop products, services, or simply value propositions that help you sell more stuff.


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