Start With Digital Marketing, And Work Your Way Out

When it comes to developing your cross-channel marketing communications strategy, it’s all too easy to look at digital as an add-on. Something you have to do too. But, you see, we strongly believe that’s the wrong approach.

Because we believe that digital really is the core. If you think of it like an avocado – we are in the avocado age after all – digital would be the big stone, right in the middle of all that green, mushy stuff.

Why? Well, consider this for a moment.

So we all know digital is pervasive. And therefore – so is digital comms. But when we mix in the immediacy of digital – the ability to change, and adjust on the fly – and then add in the critical ingredient – dialogue and interaction – you can see why you want to put digital at the centre of all you do.

So, how does a digital central approach differ?

Well, rather than thinking of your cross-channel strategy with the mindset – “how can we bring digital into this?” – ask yourself the question:

“how can we use our offline comms to move this prospect or customer to our online channels as soon as possible? And which channels would be the best entry point?”

So first we need to be developing a full digital plan. Which combination of digital channels will be the most effective for moving these audiences through their specific customer journey? Which channels do they use and when in their buying process? You want to get them from where you ‘meet’ them first – on or offline – to where they want to be, when they want to be there, and with messages that work for that stage of the buying process.

Once you have your full digital plan in place, your channels fully optimised and raring to go – then, and only then, do you turn your attention to your offline media. Because the CTA – the call to action – will now focus on taking them to those optimised channels.

Want to know how all that might look?

Well, let’s go for an easy example. Imagine that you’re a phone company – it may be a bit of a stretch but work with us here. We’ll call you Banana Corp. And let’s imagine that this phone company of yours has just brought out it’s all new BPhone XX (or twenty). You’ve created a landing page, and you’re looking to drive as many people to this landing page as possible. In order to raise awareness of your product, you’ve decided to also use billboard ads.

Now, because you planned a digital first approach, your key aim for this offline ad is to drive people to your landing page, as well as generating awareness. Getting those that want to, that are excited by your offer – to take action. So, instead of designing a billboard with a lovely graphic image alone, without messing up the graphic approach, we add your site address, some social media handles, hashtags – and a QR code.

Now, people have the opportunity to go on-line right then and there, read more information and eventually, having engaged with you, migrate through to buying the product.

So, the next time you sit down to create your cross-channel strategy, remember, start with digital – and bring all that green, mushy deliciousness right back to its core.


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