David Agrawal

Also known as Dave (no, we’re not sure where that nickname came from either!), Dave has a long history of working alongside famous people – we’d like to include ourselves in this, but we’re not sure if that would be taking it a bit too far. Who? How? Why? You may ask? We couldn’t possibly say. *cough* One Direction *cough*.

Well, first up, Dave is good with technology – seriously good. He designs, codes, manages the production of film and even does a bit of filming himself. This is how he has ended up working on projects like The Apprentice, X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent and also with certain boy bands. Thankfully, Dave still likes to occasionally work with those of us who don’t have that celebrity status, and for that we’re truly grateful.

Nowadays Dave runs his own creative technology company – Percept Digital – and helps us with the technical management of events and film production. With expertise in directing films, production and advising clients on how to use technology to better tell their stories, Dave is quick to adapt to unusual set-ups and solve other production problems such as bulk edit automation, fast-turnaround workflows and user-generated content. Consequently, projects and campaigns that he’s been involved in have received over a billion YouTube views. There really isn’t much he doesn’t know about production and digital tech.

We really like Dave – he’s a lovely guy – so we know you will too.

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