Mark Gomer

As joint CEO of leading London-based digital marketing agency, Energy House Digital (EHD), there really is very little that Mark doesn’t know about Digital Marketing. And if he doesn’t know it? Well, then it probably isn’t worth knowing.

Mark has been in Digital Marketing since 2008, when Facebook was just blowing up, Instagram was a distant dream and the internet was really taking the world by storm. So, it’s fair to say that his experience matches up to that encyclopaedic brain of his. Don’t believe us? Just take one look at his youthful face – he’s a digital guy for sure!

Together, Mark and the team at EHD assist us across the full range of Digital Marketing services including design and build, SEO, content marketing, PPC, CRO and analytics.

And because it would be selfish for him to keep all that juicy knowledge to himself, he also joins Ricky on various Learning and Development projects, providing courses which cover the full breadth of the Digital Marketing mix.

He helps us help you by offering a digital arm to our strategic and operational legs.

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