Mike Levy

We’re rather envious of Michael’s time spent working on Mars Confectionery and Pedigree Petfoods brands – we imagine a lot of time was spent indulging in Mars Bars and hanging out with feline friends. Apparently not, but it did involve eating a can of Pedigree Chum once. And that wasn’t for a bet.

Chocolate fingers (oh wait, that’s Cadbury’s, no?) and waggy tails aside, Michael did go on to become Managing Director of the UKs leading brand and innovation consultancy, CLK, so he knows his stuff.

Fluent in French, with some Spanish up his sleeve, Michael has worked in over 30 countries across a wide-range of industries; from alcoholic beverages and pharmaceuticals (we wouldn’t advise mixing!) to charities and trade associations. He’s since settled on his own consultancy, RML Partners and is a close associate and life-long friend to Ricky. In fact, they’re sometimes mistaken for brothers. Poor Michael.

He knows a lot about brand and new product development – how to position your brand and innovate in your portfolio, and how to even come up with a new brand or product in the first place. Which is why his work complements ours so well. Combined, we’ll give you the tools to design, strategise, communicate and build your brand, product portfolio or product and sell more stuff.

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