Owain Paciuszo

Owain is our editing guru. What he doesn’t know about video would fit on a radio microphone’s button cell battery (which is really small!).

Owain graduated from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth with a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing. After a short spell in journalism, he was lured over to the dark side – or video as it’s better known – and he produced film work for companies including the BBC, ITV, S4C and Endemol. In 2010, two historic moments happened – he formed a band and applied to work at Coussins Associates. Luckily for us, the latter proved more promising and he agreed to join us while awaiting the phone call about the stadium world tour! (Any day now though, he assures us).

Being a video master, Owain works across all types of video production – creating stunning opening videos or informative docu-narratives, featuring straightforward techniques or bold animation, there’s a mix of professionalism and creativity whipped together in every edit. He also draws a mean caricature, so try not to pull too many silly faces when he’s around!

When he’s not performing as a stand-up comedian (he tells us he’s pretty funny), Owain works across all of our video clients, creating a wide range of edits for corporate, event, training launch and educational videos. Pretty much all of the video you see on the site was edited by Owain.

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