Ricky Coussins

With over 40 years’ experience in sales and marketing, Ricky’s almost getting to the stage where he really has forgotten more than most of us know about how to sell more stuff.

He’s worked in sales and marketing at both the bottom and the top, for a range of companies including multinational Litton Industries, BT and Xerox. After a period as VP Marketing at BT Mobile – when mobile phones were car phones because you needed a car to carry the kit around in – he decided to take the plunge and go at it solo.

In 1989, Coussins was born (Coussins Associates that is, not Ricky – although he’ll try and tell you differently!) and now Ricky has gone from managing large sales and marketing teams to managing our small office of associates.

He’s the big boss, but not the scary kind. In fact, his ‘dad joke’ scope of knowledge is almost as large as his marketing one! You’ll even catch him chipping in with the tea and coffee rounds, even if it is just because the rest of us aren’t quick enough. You’ll find him in his window seat at Coussins HQ, supplying you guys with business and marketing services across the whole strategic and tactical mix, as well as key industry insights to help you grow.

And when he’s not in London, he’s off travelling the world and sharing his experience through learning and development programmes, coaching sessions and workshops, as well as speaking on a variety of conference platforms. Take one glance at his air miles and you could almost mistake him for Up in the Air’s George Clooney!

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