What can Outsourced Marketing do for me?

It’s a question we get time and time again here at Coussins Associates, “what does outsourced marketing mean for me?”. So, in an attempt to set the record straight as they say, we thought we’d take a look at our top five benefits of outsourced marketing, and how it can help your business to become even more successful.

Access to skills and contacts

Perhaps the most obvious benefit, but important none the less, is that outsourcing some or all of your marketing requirements gives you access to skills and experience that may be missing (or simply under-represented) within your own team. Less obvious – but a real time-saver – are all the other guys behind the scenes.

What people often fail to realise is that you’ll also gain access to the outsourcing company’s trusted suppliers – printers, creative designers, web gurus, you name it – removing all the dreaded time and uncertainty that comes with finding your own.


Outsourcing gives you a resource that you can scale to suit your needs, no matter how demanding those might be! Here at Coussins Associates, we work with clients with a variety of outsourcing requirements. From growing organisations that want regular marketing help but are not ready to commit to a full-time marketing overhead, to larger organisations that are looking to control their marketing resources, and organisations that require marketing support in specialist areas on an ad hoc basis (I know, we get around!).

This flexibility means you only pay for the marketing resources you need, when you need them – whether that’s a video production facility for a week or an ongoing implementation team.


Outside perspective

Often companies can get stuck in a marketing rut – following the “we’ve always done it like this” mentality. Outsourced marketing helps to eliminate this, giving you access to a different perspective from an experienced outsider, who’s not bogged down in internal politics (“Brenda would never make me tea again if I did it this way”) or past strategies (“In 1990, John did something similar, and it ended terribly”).

Knowledge transfer and seamless integration

Working with an outsourced marketing company usually involves working with them over an extended period of time (you almost start to look like part of the furniture), enabling lots of knowledge transfer back and forth between the two companies. This cumulative gathering of knowledge means that to your delight, they’ll become very familiar with your products or services and your industry – eliminating the need for you to brief them about these prior to each project (and we all know how long that can take!).

What’s more, they’ll become an integrated part of your team – understanding how you work and your company’s preferred methods and strategies – a seamless extension to your work family.


Reduced costs

For much less than the cost of a full-time marketing executive, you gain access to a team of experts. You don’t need to worry about the overheads – or time – involved with recruiting, training and retaining your own members of staff. Outsourced marketers will hit the ground running (reducing development costs), and are used to working to fixed deadlines and budgets – giving you tight control over your marketing spend.


Coussins Associates have been providing outsourced marketing services for over 25 years – yikes! Our clients enjoy the benefits of an easily scalable resource, no fixed costs, no hidden overheads and a team that can not only devise solutions and manage projects, but also take on downstream work such as research, copywriting and design management. All seamlessly integrated to provide a win-win solution – in-house marketing resources with outsourced cost savings.
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